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According to the Arbor Day Foundation, Arbor Day is celebrated annually, on the last Friday in April. Some states however, do celebrate the day on different dates, to coincide with the best spring “planting” time.

There are so many reasons why it is important to plant, cherish and maintain trees in your life, in your yard, community, state and country. Join us and learn our 5 Top Reasons. What are yours?!

1. Social Reasons – Trees make us happy! Trees are a strong support during hot summer days, and on windy or rainy days as well. Trees provide shade for us, cool our homes with their branches and are often planted to mark a special event which lets us remember year after year, that special day, event or person. Trees bring us peace, make us feel strong, and help make our communities more livable places.

2. Environmental Reasons – Trees and in particular forests of trees, act as “carbon sinks” absorbing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As we humans pump more and more human caused carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, forests absorb a significant amount of this carbon dioxide, helping to mitigate the most harmful affects from global warming. To see how one forest can help, check out what the Nature Conservancy is doing to restore the Atlantic Forest in Brazil!

3. Economic Reasons – Trees enhance the beauty and therefore the value of property, both private and commercial. We value well-managed forests for the wealth and resources they can provide us. Trees provide us with food to sustain us and serve as important crops worldwide. Trees are home to many animals, birds and insects which can also help protect and enhance the economic benefits nature provides.

4. Health Reasons – Trees act as natures water filters, controlling storm run off, erosion and flooding. They help reduce sound by absorbing noise in cities and help cool us with their shade. Trees absorb a wide range of air pollutants, helping to improve air quality, particularly in urban centers, where the “heat island” effect is exacerbated.

5. Just Because Reasons – Strength, Inspiration, Beauty, Security, Safety, Serenity…Because….

Check out our Video Peak of the Week and see what one of our favorite artists, Franke James has to say about “Who Cares About the Forests” in her visual essay for the Forest Stewardship Council of Canada. Learn more about what Franke has to say about climate change in our special feature with her on our Climate Mamas and Papas page!

Why are trees important for you? Let us know!

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2 Responses to 5 Reasons to Plant a Tree – Climate Mama News

  1. Donald says:

    guardian.co.ukHave you seen the new article in the Guardian?

    “Let’s face it: none of our environmental fixes break the planet-wrecking project
    All of us in the green movement are lost before the planet’s real nightmare: not too little fossil fuel – but too much”


    • Harriet says:

      Interesting article..very true..no “silver” bullets yet…but continuing to not address the issue of “ramping” up renewable, and establishing a super grid, to transport power in a more sustainable way are recognized problems..the political will is what is lacking. Perhaps with education, if people finally say “enough” the pressure could be there!

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