The NBA’s Shrinking Carbon Footprint!


Any basketball fans in your house? You might want to share these interesting facts about “foot size” with them. While it is generally true that many NBA players do have “large feet” (according to the website, the average shoe size in the NBA is between 14-17), the League is working really hard to reduce it’s very own “carbon footprint!” As part of the NBA’s “year round” focus on “green,” and in recognition of Earth Day on Aprill 22nd, the NBA has declared April 4-11 “Green Week at the NBA!” Do your basketball fans have any ideas on how the NBA might be able to shrink it’s footprint size? Find out more about what the NBA is actually doing to help it’s teams, fans and arenas become more sustainable. What are some of the things you are doing at home to make your own “carbon footprint” smaller?

Check out the video below with the kids in your life, and find out what the NBA, with the help of the National Resources Defense Council, is already doing at basketball arenas around the nation to reduce, reuse and recycle!

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