Environmental Challenge: The End, or Just the Beginning?


Our first Earth Day Challenge has ended, a full week of “daily” challenges, that got us thinking about things we use, buy and eat – where it all comes from – and why we need to be mindful about many of the things we in the developed world often take for granted.

What did the kids in your life think about “Meatless Monday” “Take Care of Yourself Tuesday” “Water Wednesday?” “Try a New Recipe Thursday?” “Foodie Friday?” and Satisfied Saturday?

Slow Down Sunday

At your family meeting or at breakfast or perhaps when you wake up the kids in your life or when you tuck them in for the night, take a few moments to reflect together on the challenges you chose to do this week. Maybe drinking more water improved your day and gave you more energy. Or perhaps you see the value in eating less meat for your own health and for our earth. Are you going to “reduce, reuse and YERDLE?”

Choose at least two of the actions you and the kids in your life completed this week and do them today. Follow through and see how changing a habit and creating a new action affects your day. Do you see you and your family doing any of these challenges all the time now? As Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world, in fact it is the only thing that has.”

Remind your kids about what another famous individual they may know – who cares greatly for our earth – told us:


Climate Mama

Special thanks to Michel Aboodi for developing our first annual Earth Day Environmental and Climate Challenge!

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