Good News on Climate Change Solutions


Grab the kids in your life and sit down and watch this 1 minute clip from our friends at Climate Nexus. As our political system in the US stays bogged down and seemingly unable to get beyond petty politics to see the big picture on climate change, scientists, business, industry and regular people like us, are moving forward by leaps and bounds. The future is happening now; it is exciting and filled with possibilities.

ICYMI – Week of May 6th from Climate Nexus on Vimeo.

We recognize the realities we are confronting with climate change and that if we don’t plan for the future, our economy, health, supply lines, job opportunities, and communities will suffer in ways that are becoming all to imaginable. We aren’t waiting for “history to be the judge” of our weak and ineffective government, we are moving beyond and around them, towards a clean and renewable future!

Happy day,


Climate Mama

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