Remembering Superstorm Sandy: What were you doing?

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As we come up on the one year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, in New Jersey, the state that I live in, sadly many people are still living the Sandy “nightmare.” Our state hasn’t yet updated needed and necessary flood maps for rebuilding, and building “back” and building “stronger” is happening in starts and stops. The state has spent large amounts of money on an ad campaign called “Stronger then the Storm,” something we can never truly be….

Much more progress seems to be happening in neighboring New York, although there still are many people in New York that have not been helped nor have their homes back in order here too.

And equally sad, in the US Congress we still have elected officials that question the reality of climate change. Shame on them, and shame on us for allowing them to remain in office. Elections in the US are one week away. To all our American Climate Mamas and Papas, find out what your representatives stand for, and if they don’t have a plan to move forward on climate change, or worse still, they actually question the reality of climate change, you should not be voting nor supporting them. Scientists tell us with more then 95% certainty that we humans are causing our climate to change, and that should give us all, great pause.

This week, we will be “reposting” our daily reports on our direct experiences with Superstorm Sandy. We hope it brings back memories for you, and fills you with resolve. We all need to be part of the solution to create a livable future for our children, one that is base on clean renewable energy. And we all can make a difference through individual and collective action!


Climate Mama

Superstorm Sandy: Waiting on an uninvited and unwanted guest.
First posted on October 29th, 2012

So what’s a mom to do? We want to teach our kids “good manners” to be kind and welcoming to strangers…But in this case…seems that that old saying: “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” is coming true for us. We have been “waiting” on our uninvited and unwanted guest for 3 days….We know she is coming, we don’t want her to visit, but there is nothing we can do to stop her arrival.

In our area we have tried everything: subways, buses, trains and planes have all been cancelled. Even Starbucks all over New York City have been closed (lol!). Schools are cancelled for days, most businesses – including the stock exchange – are shut down, local coastal evacuations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have been put into effect (affecting more then 1 million people), and States of Emergency are in place. Everything that can be done to tell people to “stay put” and “hunker down” has been done.

Sandy is still coming….We hear she planning to stay for days, we don’t want her, but all we can do is wait…

In anticipation of real guests, friends and family that may come over, we are getting prepared – we installed a back up generator last month, after being without power twice last year and at least one almost every year since we have lived in our current home. Our back up generator won’t keep “all the lights on” but our fridge, boiler and “modem” are suppose to stay on…

However, just in case the lights go off and our generator doesn’t work, we have made the following preparations at home (and suggest you do the same if you are also in Sandy’s path…)

1. Filled bathtub and every reusable bottle with water
2. Charged all our electronics
3. Put new batteries in all our flashlights
4. Have candles and matches ready
5. Made Lasagna for 20…just in case we get “other” visitors
6. GROUND coffee in case power goes out! (our gas stove should work so we can boil water…)

Be safe, take precaution and take warnings seriously…


Climate Mama


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