Climate Change Solutions for Kids: Innovate to Mitigate

Innovate to Mitigate project ideas

Innovate to Mitigate project ideas

“Tell the truth, actions speak louder then words, and don’t be afraid”…our mantra at ClimateMama and how we show our children that we are facing climate change head on and with our eyes wide open.

At times, we all feel that climate change is just “too big” to get our arms around, and for our children especially, our climate crisis can seem completely overwhelming and far out of their control. We know that all of our Climate Mamas and Papas are “on the job” all the time working to create personal and community actions to address the crisis we face and in particular, to show the kids in our lives that we are constantly working to create a sustainable future and now for them. While we at ClimateMama are always pleased to provide you with opportunities to respond to and push back against our climate crisis, we are truly THRILLED when we can share with you an incredible program that the kids in your life can act on directly.

Innovate to Mitigate is a project of TERC and supported by the National Science Foundation. It is exactly the kind of program that we get excited about and that we know the kids in your life will too. Innovate to Mitigate encourages students or student groups to think outside the box and to create innovate ideas about how to address climate change by reducing greenhouse gases. This challenge encourages young people to unlock their immense potential for finding solutions. Innovate to Mitigate is a competition where students have the opportunity to not only win prize money but to also earn recognition from their peers, their community and climate science experts too.

-1Innovate to Mitigate is open to all middle school and high school students in the U.S. and around the world. The first deadline for submissions is March 9th, so please share this program widely and quickly! For more information check out the Innovate to Mitigate website.


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