More Than Scientists: Dads and Moms too

Climate Papa Josh Lawler, Associate Professor at the School of Forest Resources at
The University of Washington, studies how human activities affect ecological systems at large spatial scales. More specifically, he is looking at how human created climate change is impacting species and landscapes around us. In addition to being a scientist, Josh is also a dad. Like many of our Climate Papas, Josh has his eyes “wide open” to the fact that our actions today will create and directly impact our children’s tomorrow: good or bad, safe or dangerous. Josh understands clearly how big the problems are that we face from climate change and at the same time he also knows that we have the tools to fix what we have broken. Grab the kids in your life, and listen and watch Josh explain this to us, in his own words.

We are sending a big shout out to our friends at More than Scientists for helping us hear and learn directly from scientists who are studying the impacts of climate change. More than Scientists is bringing us the personal hopes, fears and feeling of scientists, who “span the political spectrum and the nation and who represent the more than 97% of scientists who believe climate change is happening, that it is due to our actions and that it is within our power to keep it from being devastating.”

shutterstock_11256511We aren’t just scientists inside labs and academia. We are people like you, with hopes and dreams and loved ones. We are mothers, fathers, farmers, fishermen, hikers, hunters, …

… And we’re concerned.

We are more than scientists.
It will take more than science.
It will take us all, working together, for a better future.

More than Scientist, Website Home Page.

It’s Do Something Wednesday here at Climate Mama…Take time today to think about what you are going to do for the kids in your life as we work to create a livable future and now..Each of us has a role and each of us must lead as we face the greatest challenge any of us will face in our lifetime – climate change – with our eyes wide open.


Climate Mama

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  1. Thanks for sharing — this is a terrific website! I’ll be sure to share on my sites too!

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