Top 3 Eco Friendly Ways to Share Father’s Day with Dad

1. Make a gift. All it takes these days to buy a gift is a “click of a mouse” and it is delivered right to your door, maybe even wrapped – not much thought or effort! There seems to be so much pressure every holiday to “buy” just

Photo: Sue Barr

the right thing. Most of us, fathers included, often have what we need, and if we don’t, we often save until we can get it for ourselves. In a time where we are trying to live by the moto: “less is more” a priceless gift is something made by one you love. So, with the kids in your life, make something unique for Dad this Father’s Day.

2. Spend time not money. In lieu of a physical gift, what about a gift certificate of “time” spent together? We are all in such a hurry these days and constantly running in a myriad of directions, why not give a gift certificate of one or two hours or even a day’s worth of time spent together. Set the rules, starting with – no electronics – again, priceless.

3. Reinvent the Stereotype. Most Father Day cards would lead us to believe that our Dads only like: golf, watching TV, playing tennis or sleeping. Does the Dad in your life fit into these stereotypes? Maybe, but most likely he has a wide range of interests that could include things like: gardening, hikes, a day at the beach, or maybe even mud-wrestling?! These are things Dad loves doing with you or the kids in your life, but never gets the chance to do. Break the mold this year and plan a new adventure with Dad this Father’s Day.

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