Summer Projects for Kids: Climate Hot Spots & Peaceful Uprisings – In the News

Looking for a few “out of the box” fun (yet subconsciously educational) things for your kids to do this summer? We are thinking of those middle and high school teens that want to spend most of the day sleeping and then way too much time on the computer. Give them something thought provoking to think about when they are surfing the web. For great suggestions and ideas of on-line climate games, make sure to check out our earlier post.

One “of the moment” US real life environmental heroes has his story unfolding “as we speak.” For a civics lesson on peaceful protests, think Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and have the kids in your life check out Tim DeChristopher.

Our ClimateMama, Harriet Shugarman had the opportunity to meet and hear from Tim at the Netroots Conference earlier this year. According to Harriet: “Tim is incredibly articulate, forthright, and down-to-earth. He could be your friend, neighbor, son, or brother. Listening to him tell his personal story is so compelling. He matter of factly tells how he was in the right place, at the right time, followed his instincts and showed us how one person can make a difference.”

Time to get those teenage brain synapses connecting. Have the kids in your life play the Climate Hot Spot Scavenger Game hosted by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Let your kids give you the evidence that shows all of us that our climate is changing NOW.

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