Sharpening the Focus – Tar Sands Action and Beyond – December 5th Tune In

For those of you who follow our ClimateMama blog, and for those of you who don’t, our Executive Director and “Climate Mama” extraordinaire, Harriet was arrested in August as one of over 1200 brave people who put themselves on the line to try to stop the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline. This pipeline would have carried Tar Sands oil, very energy and resource intensive, hard to extract oil from northern Canada, down to refineries in Texas, where it was to be processed and exported to markets around the world.

The Good News:
On November 10th, 4 days after over 12,000 people (including Climate Mama and her family) ringed the White House to ask President Obama to “join hands” with them and stop this pipeline, low and behold, he did it! (at least temporarily anyway.) But the signal and decision from the White House, on re-evaluating the pipeline, based both on its route and “environmental impacts” was a welcomed step in the right direction.

Next Steps: After galvanizing and engaging 10’s of thousands of individuals around the country and around the world, the Tar Sands Action organizers are now going out to their supporters – Occupy Wall Street and General Assembly style – and asking what people want to “take on next!” Strategy Sessions were organized around the country on November 30th, and everyone is invited to “tune” in at 9pm Eastern Time on December 5th to see what some of the conclusions reached and directions proposed at those strategy sessions are!

So, grab the kids in your life, let them stay up late, or stop their homework early, depending on how old they are, and together tune in to see how a “movement is built” and how together we can fight and win the uphill battle we are fighting against climate change!!

People Power in Action:

Time: 9pm est

Date: Monday, December 5th

To Join the Call: Dial (712) 432-1001, and enter the access code 485501597#

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