Connecting the dots: Climate Change, Drought, War, Famine and Macs?

Vote for ClimateMama TODAY, and lets help our kids (and us) connect the dots between our actions in North America, Europe and the rest of the developed world, and the terrible human crisis now unfolding in the Horn of Africa. More than 13 million people have already been displaced by Famine, War and Drought (FWD). Children are dying every day. We have played a role in creating this disaster and we now need to play a role in helping solve it. Climate Mama is a finalist in the USAID GOOD competition on the FWD Crisis in Africa. We need your help to forward the facts. Vote for ClimateMama today and help make the connections between climate change and the FWD crisis in Africa!

The Facts: Low rainfall amounts beginning in the fall of 2010 have resulted in millions of people in the countries of the Horn of Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea Djibouti, Kenya and Uganda) being unable to water their crops, feed their livestock or provide food for their families. This crisis has been growing over the past year, and has also resulted in rocketing “sky high” food prices. Particularly hard hit is the country of Somalia, where humanitarian assistance “continues to be limited or denied.” Refugees from the entire area are walking hundreds of miles in search of relief…families, with no where to go, are loosing the battle against FWD and are loosing their lives.

Our Role: As devastating as the news and pictures are of what is happening in Africa, most of us are unaware of our role in creating this continuing crisis. Until we start taking ownership of what is happening around the world and in our own country, BECAUSE of our everyday actions, we won’t be able to arrive at solutions.

Climate Change Impacts USA: In the past year 47 out of 50 states in the US have declared climate related disasters, 13 of which have resulted in damages of over $1 BILLION dollars.

And if that doesn’t grab the attention of the kids in your life, share this fact with them: Over half the hard drives made in the world come from Thailand, a country “knocked flat” by devastating floods. Factories critical to Apple (and other computer companies) have been devastated. “… means [in early 2012] you either won’t be able to get an iMac with a 2TB drive, or will have an extremely hard time sourcing one, because Apple sources many components from Thailand,” says Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Vote Today: ClimateMama is a finalist in the GOOD USAID competition to raise awareness about crisis in Africa. Voting is open now! There are many great ideas. Please vote for Climate Mama and help our kids (and ourselves) connect the DOTS between our use of fossil fuels, lifestyle and consumption patterns and the human crisis that has taken hold in Africa, and in fact in our own country.
Thank you,

Climate Mama

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