Health Care Products, Proprietary Chemicals, Secret Ingredients, Sounds “Fracking Familiar!”


We often assume that corporations and our government have our best interests and our health, at heart. We often assume WRONG. Take a close look at this info graphic from our friends at Women’s Voices for the Earth. What’s hiding in plain site in your bathroom cabinet? Did you know that:

96% of shampoos
98% of conditioners
97% of hair styling products
91% of antiperspirants
95% of shaving products
83% of moisturizers
63% of sunblocks
91% of lip moisturizers
71% of lipsticks
50% of foundations

contain FRAGRANCE? Sounds benign right? It most certainly is not benign! You and the kids in your life are being exposed daily to what could be upwards of more than 100 chemicals found in “fragrances” and that manufacturers can keep all these hidden ingredients a secret. Some of these ingredients are KNOWN to trigger allergic reactions, neurotoxic and respiratory effects, immune system impacts and other health problems.

Sound familiar? Many of our Climate Mamas and Papas have been following our posts on fracking, which we KNOW is poisoning our air, water and our climate. Companies that frack gas wells, regularly add over 500 “proprietary” chemicals to fracking fluid, chemicals that do not need to be disclosed. Many of these chemicals can triggering adverse health impacts and some are known carcinogens. This fracking fluid is regularly pumped into our earth, some of the fluid comes back out, but some also stays deep in the ground. Companies do not need to disclose the chemicals they use AND This process is exempt from the clean water act.

Why do we and our government allow companies to get away with these practices? Right now we have no clear way of avoiding these hidden chemicals being pumped into our ground or being part of our daily cleansing and hygiene routines. Women’s Voices for the Earth tells us there are 3 things you can do right now to fight and expose hidden chemicals in our health care products

Buy from companies that disclose all ingredients;
Ask companies that don’t disclose their ingredients to change their policy ;
Learn more about policies that promote right-to-know and how you can support them at Women’s Voices for the Earth at

Read the full report Secret Scents: How Hidden Fragrance Allergens Harm Public Health at


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