Water & Climate Change: Fun Video Explains All

We love showing off the amazing things that our favorite Climate Mamas and Papas do. If you haven’t already guessed it, Climate Mama extraordinaire, Joylette Portlock, and her Communitopia Don’t Just Sit There Do Something Videos are some of our very favorite and fun videos to share with the kids in our life.

Take a few moments, watch and share Joylette’s latest video: “WATER YOU TALKING ABOUT.”

Joylette reminds in a fun and easy way, that our planet has a fever and it’s our job to help the planet heal. Also, Joylette reminds us that we must stand up for our planet by voting for the climate. This means understanding clearly what our elected representatives in Congress and in our own home town are doing, or are NOT doing, to help address the climate crisis.

Taking Joylette’s lead, a June 17th article in the Washington Post looks at fresh water in the world, and reminds us that our world aquifers are something we must not take for granted!


Cimate Mama

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