Climate Song: Ruth Mundy

Copyright (c) 2004 Richard Ling

Copyright (c) 2004 Richard Ling

Ruth Mundy is a singer and a songwriter from New Zealand. Her song, “Love in the Time of Coral Reefs” is beautiful, haunting, powerful and sad. Yet at the same time the song is incredibly empowering; daring us and demanding the we take action now. Special thanks to our friends at The Global Call for Climate Action for making sure Ruth’s song is on our radar, so that we can also make sure it’s on your radar too!

Ruth’s song is a reminder of the road we are currently traveling on and how close we are to the “edge.” It also is a call to action, reminding us we must have the resolve and strength to change directions if our children are to have a chance for a safe and sustainable future. Watch and listen to Ruth, and then pledge to take action.

Here are three things you can do today, to take action on climate change:

1. Register to vote so that your voice counts and mare sure you do vote for the climate in all elections. Every person running for public office, at all levels of government must have a climate change plan. Call or visit one of your local representatives and ask them to explain their plan on climate change action to you.

2. Recommit to climate action. Grab the kids in your life and sign The Climate Reality Project pledge to take climate action.

3. Sit down with the kids in your life, and create a family “Climate Action Plan.” Create long term and short term goals, things you can do today, this week, this month and this year. Share your plan with us, so we can share it with others too!


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