Health Impacts of Oil and Gas Development: Be the Change

Philadelphia Clean Energy March, 7/24/16

Philadelphia Clean Energy March, 7/24/16

On Sunday, July 24th, we joined with Climate Mamas and Papas across the country at the March for A Clean Energy Revolution, in Philadelphia to dance, sing and demand action that will move us NOW to a renewable energy economy.

Scientists are telling us, Mother Nature is showing us, and world leaders have agreed that in order to create a livable planet for our children, we will need to leave 80% of all known fossil fuel reserves in the ground. We are living climate change and we must slow it down as we figure out how to manage its current and future impacts.

At the same time scientists are also telling us that our use of fossil fuels is creating a health emergency as both direct and indirect impacts effect or families, bodies of water, our air, crops and animals. Impacted communities are shouting loudly as families watch – often helplessly – as their children, their animals and themselves become sickened not only by accidents – large and small – but also by the impacts of living in proximity to oil and gas development and infrastructure.

We need your help to get the message out more widely that not only are we dealing with the immediate and long-term impacts of climate change, we have a growing health emergency taking place now that is being ignored. Both are integrally related, and both impact communities that too often lack a strong political voice and the power and influence to make change. This is changing, as communities across the country are joining together to amplify our voices and empower one another. One of the most powerful messages from the Philadelphia clean energy march is: “If it’s wrong somewhere, it’s wrong everywhere.”

We are pleased to support 2 wonderful campaigns to help get the message out about the health impacts of fossil fuel development, infrastructure and accidents. Please join us in supporting both of these important campaigns and share them with your friends and families.

Help get the film, The Rising, made:
The Rising is a feature documentary which uncovers the hidden story of the large-scale public health tragedy from oil industry toxins.

THE RISING campaign video INDIEGOGO from ConceptionMedia on Vimeo.

Help Families in Colorado have their voices heard on Fracking impacts
Join the “Yes” Campaign.

We know that most people want to do the right thing. People want to help their neighbors and we know that by helping our neighbors we also are helping ourselves. But we also know that getting the message out is both difficult, time consuming and expensive. Please help us share the truth and support these two important campaigns. Share these short trailers; go to their funding campaign pages, share these, be part of the change.

Our children our watching us, let’s how them that we are on the right side of history, we have our eyes wide open, and we have their backs as we stand strong for their future and their now.

With thanks,

Climate Mama

“Do Something Wednesday”

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