US Pulls Out of the Paris Agreement: Good Riddance

Contrary to many voices you may hear today and in the coming weeks, I see the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement as a positive. Let’s move on – let’s stop pretending the US federal government can actually implement strong climate policy at home – it hasn’t done this for many, many years, not by Obama nor Bush before him. Nor have we effectively or substantially contributed in the past to international climate policies and accords; we were never signatories to the Kyoto Protocol, the precursor to Paris, and we put a “pin” in the Copenhagen Agreement, that was poised to  put the world on a positive trajectory for immediate and effective climate action.

I spent 13 years working at the United Nations and I know the importance of an international agreement and the strength of a country’s signature on that agreement. For states, cities, civil society and companies on the ground, a signed agreement gives everyone in that country a reference point to demand that the national government live up to it’s commitments. We KNOW this administration will NEVER live up to our Paris commitments – in fact Trump and company are already unraveling and  tearing down President Obama’s climate policies and his clean power plan.

Other countries can see clearly our “Emperor” is wearing no clothes. So, when it comes to being prepared to address climate change, I say GOOD RIDDANCE. I only see negatives of having the Trump administration at the table for international agreements on climate; his administration would weaken and slow down other government’s commitments. Having Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State and ex-CEO of Exxon or Scott Pruitt, EPA Administrator and an avowed climate denier,  sit at the international climate negotiating table on behalf of the US people – this clearly is NOT a good idea. The Trump administration has made clear from it’s first days in office that it is set on weakening climate policy and/or instituting the lowest common denominator solutions. It’s first official act in office was to “re-approve” the Keystone XL pipeline. Our children are watching, their future and now in our hands. We need an “all hands on deck” approach. This will not come from the Trump Administration –  let’s not fool ourselves.

It’s time for China, India and the EU to lead on climate; in fact they already are. If we want to see the US resume it’s position as a world leader – on climate, on refugees, on health, on security –  then let’s vote in leaders who will lead, not leave. In the meantime, lets champion our states, cities and businesses who are taking climate action now – let them represent America. We are living in unprecedented times. Trump doesn’t represent the American people, he doesn’t have a mandate to undo these agreements, and yet he is acting as if he does and no one is stopping him. So, as Trump continues to take action that shows him for what he is – NOT  a world statesman, NOT someone with our long term interests at heart and NOT someone who will help America rise…He has CHOSEN to remove HIS administration from the international stage..The US will be visible and on that stage but fortunately for us all HE won’t.

The Paris Agreement was an important agreement for one main reason – 195 countries came together and agreed that the “sh@)&t had hit the fan”, that climate change is real, here and now, and that we were causing our climate to change. When it came to “solutions”, each country brought to Paris their own INDC (Intended National Determined Contribution or “Country Plan”) which, even if every country completed to the letter of the plan, would still not put us on a safe trajectory for dealing with climate change. So, good-bye President Trump. The Paris Agreement will occupy the news cycle for a few days more, but then you will have to deal with the issues at hand.

We all need to loudly champion what is happening at the state, regional and local levels on climate change solutions, mitigation and adaptation. WE don’t have our heads in the sand; as Climate Mamas and Papas we see how our climate is changing – it’s happening in our backyards, on our beaches, our mountains and at our homes. American companies too are on board to tackle climate change; their bottom lines are at stake. So, at least we don’t have to pretend anymore that there is “someone minding the store” on climate and energy policy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. We know that the administration’s energy policy is about “bringing back coal and doubling down on fossil fuels.” This won’t last long, as companies will not see long term economic gains and the stock market is already pulling away from fossil fuels and towards renewables. That is our future.

Our ClimateMama moto: “Tell the Truth, Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Don’t Be Afraid”. The Truth is, Trump and company will not take action on climate change, those actions are up to us, and we aren’t afraid to call out what we see and demand a future and now for our children that is livable, safe and hopeful. Trump is NOT part of that future. The sooner we all agree on this, the better.





Climate Mama

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10 Responses to US Pulls Out of the Paris Agreement: Good Riddance

  1. Well said! And now, I’m off to a town meeting on local environmental issues 🙂

  2. Rosemary says:

    At first I thought my tired eyes were fooling me. What? ClimateMama says ‘good riddance’ to the U.S. in the Paris Agreement? But I see now, Harriet’s view makes excellent sense. Our movement is bigger than Donald Trump and his fossil fuel cronies who would only get in the way of the massive, rapid progress the world needs. So if/when the dreaded announcement is made (from the rose garden of all places!) I will take heart. We can and we will solve this crisis.

    • Harriet says:

      We ARE doing the work Rosemary..and it continues regardless and inspire of Trump..let all SEE Trump for what he is and what he will not do..The USA is so much more then he and his cronies and will make a difference on climate change through policy and action..Thank YOU for being a leader….

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